Is Shopping Online Cheaper?

 Have you ever noticed that some deals that you find online aren’t the same as deals you’d find in the brick-and-mortar version of the same store? Online shopping is considered cheaper in many ways other than promotional deals. With the existence of cashback online shopping sites, incentives for shopping online and the ability to compare products from the comfort of your home, it’s not difficult to see how online shopping can save you time and money.

Shopping online also allows you to find full ranges of products that aren’t available in-store. It can also give shoppers access to items from previous seasons, which are then sold at cheaper prices as ‘last of the season’ items. By moving these items from stores to central warehouses, merchandisers can make room for newer products without completely losing out on the potential to make profit.

The biggest contributor to the difference between online and in-store shopping is the costs associated with running a physical store. From rent and utilities, to maintenance and distribution, brick-and-mortar stores have a lot of expenses that are partly covered by their revenue (and therefore the price of items).

If you are a frequent online shopper, you may not be aware of all the ways this habit can save you money. From using sites that will simply cash rebate your account, to comparing multiple stores across the World Wide Web, small tricks can leave you with a little more money. Here are ways to make the most of your online shopping and save that hard-earned cash.

Cashback Rebates

Cashback online shopping sites allow you to get great discounts on products you would have bought anyway. These sites often work by redirecting you to the online store of your choice, applying a coupon or code to your shopping basket. The stores can simply cash rebate you when you buy the item at full price. In a sense, you are reimbursed at the rate of the discount. Cashback rebates are an excellent way of saving without so much as realizing it. Once your rebate has been processed, you get a little extra cash back into your wallet.

Online Promotions

Many stores run promotions exclusively online, apart from being consistent with their brick-and-mortar locations. Before heading out for a shopping trip, try to visit a stores website to see if you can get a percentage off of any of the items on your shopping list. Chances are, there are many items which come at a discount that isn’t available in-store.

Shops often do this with items that are the last of the range (it is also likely that these items will no longer be available in-store at the time).


The internet is also a great resource for comparison. The existence of online stores means that you have the ability to look at similar items on different sites without having to leave your home. Not only does this save you energy, but it also allows you to find the best deals, and products that are below budget. Even if you don’t end up purchasing the items online, comparing online can guide which stores you visit when you do eventually head out.